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Dear Families and Friends of Clinton Elementary:

            It is surprising how much gets packed into such a short month, but when we take a look at this month of February, that is exactly the case!  February brings with it Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, Dental Health Month, Presidents’ Day, Parent/Teacher conferences, and let’s not forget about February winter break!  On top of all of these celebrations, Clinton Elementary is very busy as well!  The Student Council will be completing their “Souper-Bowl” competition and donating many items to the food pantry.  We will celebrate our Students of the Month on Friday, March 2nd.  Finally, our PTO will sponsor a family dance on Friday, February 9th from 5-7.  There is no charge for this dance and all are welcome!  Students must be accompanied by an adult!  (There is a snow date of Saturday, February 10th at the same time.)  As you can see, February is FULL of special days and celebrations! 

            I would like to send out another reminder about having your children dress for the weather.  We DO go outside, as long as the temperature is 10 degrees or above, always factoring in the wind chill.  I am outside with the students and I have noticed many without hats and/or gloves.  We do have a supply of gloves here at school, thanks to some wonderful volunteers who have taken the time to knit them for us.  We also have a limited supply of hats, but it would be best if your child came with all of their “gear” for the weather.  The students do enjoy being outside and playing in the snow.  This does require them to have BOTH ski pants and boots.  As always, thank you for your kind cooperation and attention to this matter. 

            Finally, enjoy the winter break with your children.  It is a time to make some precious memories with family and friends; to relax and give thanks for the wonderful people in our lives by spending some quality time with them.  Stay safe and warm!!


                                                                                                            Educationally Yours,



Have you ever thought of becoming a substitute teacher?  There is a growing need across the district (as well as others across the state) for substitutes.  If you are at all interested in speaking to me about this, please feel free to email, call, or just stop in.  Spending a day with our children here at Clinton Elementary is sure to put a SMILE on anyone’s face!    J