Mrs. Cloutier

Mrs. Cloutier

Mrs. Cloutier

Clinton Elementary
"We're a little school with a big HEART and big DREAMS"

Welcome-A little bit about myself:
My name is Kelley Cloutier.  This will be my fifteenth year teaching. 
I'm married and have two grown children and also have two grandchildren.  I love to spend time with my family, and I love to spend time at Wells Beach in the summer. The beach is one of my favorites place to be!

About Sixth Grade:

I co-teach with Mr. Herrick.  Mr. Herrick teaches reading, writing, and spelling.  I teach math, science, and social studies. We switch half a day each day of the week.    

All fifth grade students receive Mrs. Cloutier's & Mr. Herrick's classroom handbook at the beginning of the school year.  The handbook describes the learning expectations and goals, as well as, behavior expectations and goals.

Here are some fun things we'll be doing in Sixth grade:
Maine State Museum
Fort Western
Trip to the Ocean

I feel communication is one of the most important ways for success to happen in a classroom.  My door is always open if there is ever any concerns or questions or through email.
  Fifth grade teachers also communicate with an app called Remind.  We suggest parents sign up at the beginning of the school year (it's easy to do).  Using Remind is a quick way to communicate about field trips, meetings, and dates for tests, and quizzes.  Parents are also encouraged to check their child's progress via Infinite Campus.  Grades are posted and updated daily.