Mrs. Hume

Mrs. Hume As a literacy coach for MSAD 49 at Clinton Elementary, it is a pleasure to coach and support teachers, support administration, and provide quality professional development for our school using the framework of Maine Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy (MPCL) through the University of Maine. I have been a part of MSAD 49 since 1995 as a second and a third grade teacher. This came after the earning my Bachelor of Science at the University of Maine in Farmington in 1993 with a concentration in literacy. Other past experiences within our district include being part of professional leadership teams, a member of the English Language Art Committee, and being involved in courses offered through the district. In 2001, I earned my Master’s Degree in literacy at UMaine. As a lifelong learner, I continue to seek out new learning opportunities, as I did in 2014-15. This is the year I pursued a new level of literacy instruction and trained to be a K-8 literacy coach.  This training allowed me to extend my passion for children, discover the ways in which they learn best, and see that they receive the best literacy support possible.  Hence, you can see why being an MPCL coach for MSAD 49 is a perfect fit!

One way to ensure that the students of Clinton Elementary receive the best literacy instruction possible, is to coach teachers, working side by side with them. At times we co-construct lessons, co-teach, and discuss our reflections based on student data and performance. Another detail of my position is to study and track reading and writing data school-wide. It is after this analysis, in conjunction with the collaboration of administration and other district coaches, that we prepare and tailor professional development needed to improve student performance through goal setting. This professional development includes pedagogy, research-based theory, modeling, the guiding of teachers towards best practices, the sharing of new knowledge, and providing teachers with an opportunity to practice new skills in order to enhance their own classroom-learning experiences—ultimately and continually striving for student achievement.

The creation of this webpage is so that it meets various literacy needs for colleagues, as well as the parents and families of our community.  In it, you will find links to research-based articles, videos that demonstrate high-quality instruction, and components of the literacy framework. For further information, contact me at