Ms. DeLong

Deb DeLong

Ms. DeLong

Hi, I’m Deb DeLong, I have the privilege of being one of the two literacy interventionists at Clinton Elementary School. My role is to serve first grade students in their individual Reading Recovery programs, as well as provide literacy intervention group instruction for first and second grade students.

Reading Recovery is an intensive, 20 week,  early intervention program which provides students with daily, individual, 30 minute lessons.

Reading Recovery Lessons consist of:

Reading several familiar books
Reading a story that was read for the first time the day before
Working with letters and/or words using magnetic letters
Writing a sentence or two
Assembling a cut-up sentence
Reading a new book

I also serve second grade students with their intervention work, either in a Guided Reading Plus lesson format, or individually.  Guided Reading Plus groups are offered to students who are in need of literacy support in first and second grades.

Guided Reading Plus groups in first grade look very similar to Reading Recovery, except in a group setting.  Second grade guided reading plus groups work with higher level texts, developing comprehension strategies and refining reading and writing skills.  

After each Reading Recovery lesson day, first grade students bring home a bag with several books that have been read during their lesson. Parents are asked to listen to their children read daily and support them with their literacy learning.  Group lesson students bring home a bag, a couple of times a week.

Home Connections:
Reports of progress are sent home in your child’s report card each ranking period. Literacy teachers meet with parents at conference time to discuss each child’s progress.

In addition,  Clinton's Title 1 team offers a variety of events to support literacy and math within the home. 

A fall informational night is our first annual family event. This evening is usually held in November, and is an evening filled with fun, food, and information.

Our next event will be held in early spring. In a scavenger hunt format, students, parents and siblings will all “find” books that they would like to keep. Math activities, snacks, and parent resources will also be available.

To wrap up the school year,  a summer kick-off program will be held in early June. Parents will leave with activities and resources to use at home to help their children avoid the “summer slide” and challenge their students to READ 600 MINUTES during their summer time.  Incentives will be provided after each 120 minute chart is completed!

I truly believe my job is not only to lead my students to literacy but to help them develop a love of literacy as well. 

Please contact me with any questions you may have.
Happy Reading!

Miss Deb DeLong

last updated: September, 2017

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