Mrs. Shea

Welcome to second grade. Below is a list of topics we will be learning this year.

Math- Our district uses the EnVision program. In second grade we focus on addition and subtraction facts up to 20, 2 digit addition and subtraction, graphing, time, money and place value.

Reading- This year students will begin to use their reading skills to make predictions, retell and reflect on the books they read. They will also begin to write about their reading, as well as, discuss their books with others in their group.

Writing- During our writing time students will learn how to write in a variety of ways. Students will work on personal narratives, lab reports, opinion letters and poetry.

Science- We will be studying habitats, matter, plants, weathering and erosion.

Social Studies- During our social studies time we learn about civics and government, Maine products, Maine industries, mapping and many more exciting topics.