Ms. Ballard

Ms. Ballard

Ms. Ballard

Title 1 Math Interventionist


What is Title 1 Math?

Title 1 Math is a federally-funded general education program. The purpose of Title 1 Math is to provide supplemental support above and beyond the classroom for struggling students.  Supplemental Math Instruction with the Title 1 Math teacher will be in a small group setting or one on one, three to four times a week for approximately 30 minutes a session.

Title One Math Goals:

To diagnose and identify specific math problems with each qualifying student through the SNAP Assessment along with the classroom teacher's recommendations/observations.

To supply extended math learning and individual support above and beyond math in the classroom.

To develop and implement plans in accordance with our district's RTI policy that will improve students' math skills.

To help develop a student's self-confidence by providing positive math success.

To help each student acquire numeracy skills to be carried over into the classroom.