David Hoagland

Mr. Hoagland

Mr. Hoagland

Music is the language of emotion...

Please stay in touch with Mr. Hoagland by e-mail or phone:
Albion School 437-2616
Benton School 453-4240
Clinton School 426-2181

at Albion, Benton and Clinton Elementary Schools

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Concerts  2017- 2018:

December Concert by the Clinton/Albion band:
Wednesday, Dec. 6, at 6:30 PM,
at the Williamson Center, Lawrence Junior High School.
December Concert by the Benton band:
Monday, Dec. 11, at 6:30 PM,
at the Williamson Center, Lawrence Junior High School, Fairfield.

Spring Concert by the Clinton/Albion band:
Wednesday, May 9, at 6:30 PM,
at the Williamson Center, Lawrence Junior High School.

Spring Concert by the Benton band:

Monday, May 14,  at 6:30 PM,
at the Williamson Center, Lawrence Junior High School, Fairfield.

On which days do band students need to bring instruments and music?
band class is every Tuesday & Wednesday
4th and 5th grade beginner band: Monday & Thursday, except....
Sutherland/Fabian (Monday & Tuesday.)
Therrien/Goodrich advanced band: Tuesday & Thursday
Burkhart/Chenevert/Carpenter advanced band: Monday & Thursday
6th grade advanced band: Monday & Thursday
Clinton:   band class is every Wednesday & Friday
About band
In MSAD 49, fourth, fifth and sixth graders can choose to take band class. The band program is part of the curriculum and is taught during the school day. There are usually two evening concerts per year at the Williamson Center at Lawrence High School.  In addition, we often play informal concerts during the school day for other students. Each student in band has class twice weekly, and is expected to do homework (practicing the music for about twenty minutes) at least three days per week.  Recommended practice days are Monday through Thursday.  Parents are asked to listen to their child play once a week and require their child to practice at home. The most important factor in the success of a band student is the involvement of a parent who expects him or her to play at home and who consistently shows interest in the music.
About Pre-band
Beginner band students spend the first several weeks of school in “pre-band” class. In this class, students find out if they want to play a band instrument, which instrument they might want to play, and they learn songs and skills they will need in band. In pre-band there is no commitment to join band, and no need for an instrument. In September, before the end of pre-band, another letter is sent home with details about starting band and renting or buying an instrument. (If you are unable to afford an instrument, there is a way to borrow one from the school.)  The students and I spend time in pre-band finding out which instruments they prefer and are suited to. Then I make recommendations so that you and your child can make a decision.
About Mr. Hoagland
I am a native of Nanuet, New York, where I learned to play the clarinet in the public school when I was in the fourth grade. Nearly fifty years later, I still love to make music. My mission is to give the gift of lifelong music-making to my students. I have performed professionally and taught music for over thirty years. I have taught at the Albion, Benton and Clinton schools since 2000. My wife and I have seven children and six grandchildren.

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