Physical Education

Physical Education

Alice Heinrich

Ms. Heinrich

Welcome back to another fun year of learning experiences through Physical Education. Your child will have Phys. Ed. once a week. They are expected to wear sneakers, a comfortable shirt and shorts or pants. In my classes I introduce and practice skills and then use them in a fun game type activity. After students practice their skill, I also have an opportunity to observe and assess. Your child will be graded in these four areas:

Personal and Social Interaction
Motor Skills
Health related Fitness Understanding
Attitude and Cooperation

During each class your child will earn up to 10 points. These points are averaged at the end of the quarter for their final grade. If your child has an injury or is sick, please send a note to excuse them from certain activities if necessary. I look forward to another great year with your child. If for any reason you need to contact me, I am in Clinton Mon./Tues and am Thurs., Fairfield Primary - Wed. and Albion Elem. and Fri.

A. Heinrich- Physical Education